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Chuwi LapBook Air Has 8GB RAM Plus 128GB Flash Mem

September 01,2017

Good day! We are pleased to update you with Chuwi LapBook Air press release, thank you for your time.

Chuwi LapBook Air features to be the thinnest laptop from Chuwi with only 6mm at the thinnest measure , also it’s lightweight as 1.3 kgs to fit in your hand without a burden.
 It sits at a 14.1 inch IPS full lamination screen with 1920*1080 pixels and 320cd/㎡ brightness . 
It covers in a full-metal fuselage and MacBook-like surface.
Aside from the outside factors, what’s inside the box plays a significant role too. 
Chuwi LapBook Air packs 8GB internal storage with 128 bit ultimate bandwidth , which outshines lots of laptops out there in the market with 4GB or 6GB RAM.
 So what can 8GB RAM bring you ?
According to our survey, a computer with more RAM feels noticeably faster.
The more RAM your system has, the more programs it can handle simultaneously. 
RAM isn’t the only determining factor, and you can technically open dozens of programs at once even with a very small amount of RAM, but doing so will slow your system down. 
Think of it as a desk , if your desk is too small, it becomes cluttered, and your work will slow as you try to find whatever paper you need at any particular moment. 
You’ll be forced to frequently dig into the drawers to store what won’t fit on top of the desk and retrieve papers you need.  
So if you are looking for smooth experience with opening more tabs at the same time, doing some heavy gaming or running the photoshop on your laptop 
and worry about having slowdowns during . That’s exactly where Chuwi LapBook Air with 8GB RAM comes in to put your concern to rest.
Chuwi LapBook Air didn’t cut corners at flash memory either with 128GB ROM to offer. 
Also, it supports M.2 SSD expansion to handle your demanding needs for storage. 
Store more files, install more apps and do heavy multitasking, no problem at all.
All in all, Chuwi LapBook Air is very appealing at the looks, and it hides a beast inside the body too. 
The light on the logo is very soft, and that says the back light on the keyboard pretty well too. 
It could totally be a game-changer in the market, if we may predict.
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