• 1、Battery

    Measures、Plug in the charger after long press the power button for about 15 seconds for the mandatory shutdown, pause 5 seconds and then reboot

    2.System problems

    If the boot has been stopped at Chiwi logo. , this phenomenon may be system loss, you can download the firmware to refresh the system in the forum


    All the methods is useless,It is recommended that you contact the After-Sales Department or contact the manufacturer for testing and maintenance.

  • Reason: System doesn't work

    Measures:If the problem is the initialization process of system breakdown , and the boot interface can not be opened. It is recommended that you upgrade the firmware, login to the forum Chiwi (domestic websites) bbs.chuwi.com click on firmware download,Then download the corresponding firmware and upgrade tutorial for the flat model

  • Reason:

    The cable ,the battery or the motherboard is broken


    1. Please use the original charger or the adapted charger (charging specifications are described in detail in the machine specification), other chargers may not be charged or even burn the machine because of the input power mismatch.

    2.Don't charge on computer USB

    3.Don't play the tablet and charging at the same time

    4.In Hibernate PC ,you need to click the power button to wake up the system,then the situation of charging will be displayed

    5.If all of the methods is useless,Please contact the purchase office for further inspection and maintenance.