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A 2K touch screen laptop which will be perfectly adapted to Windows11

2021-08-09 by CHUWI


Recently, Chuwi officially unveiled its new product LarkBook X, which is expected to be released in mid-August. Featuring 16:10 gold ratio 14-inch full touch screen, all-metal lightweight design. It is also equipped with Intel 2021 new low-power CPU N5100 and follow-up support Windows 11 system update. LarkBook X will better match the operation of the new system.


16:10 comprehensive touch screen has both production and entertainment

The LarkBook X features a 14-inch 16:10 touch screen with a 2K ultra-clear resolution and a high 100%sRGB color gamut that can be used in more scenarios. The Larkbook X vertical display is 11% more than the traditional 16:9 vertical display, which is beneficial to improve office productivity and enable higher productivity value. In the face of streaming video, games and entertainment scenes, the 14-inch 16:10 golden screen is a complete adaptation, bringing a perfect entertainment experience. And there is a natural experience advantage in the upcoming Windows 11 update, which is more in line with the human-computer interaction dominated by touch in the future.


The metal fuselage is thin and protable

LarkBook X products are designed to be lightweight and fashionable, and the whole machine adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy fuselage. AB face thin to 10mm, weighing only 1.4kg, which is ultra-light and portable. The whole machine can be opened and closed at 180 degrees, and has its own backlit full-size keyboard and large trackpad.



2021 Intel's new 10nm CPU

LarkBook X positioning entry-level notebook, with super-value configuration. Using Intel 10nm process, the latest CPU--Celeron N5100 in 2021. The cpu has only 6W TDP ultra-low power consumption, can run without fan. Its battery life can last a whole day. At the same time it has 8GB memory, 256GB SSD and dual-channel support for memory expansion. LarkBook X can easily meet the common needs of daily office Internet access, audio-visual entertainment, 4K video, conference and so on.


LarkBook X is expected to be officially released in mid-August and will cost less than $500.


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