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Enter to win free CHUWI RZBOX Mini PC- CHUWI

2021-09-07 by CHUWI

Enter to win free CHUWI RZBOX Mini PC- CHUWI

New Product: Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC To Launch Via Crowdfunding

After soliciting the opinions of users around the world on the new MINI PC, Chuwi officially announced that the initial prototype of the new MINI PC, officially named: RZBOX, equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H standard pressure processor, has been successfully developed. As an ideal best choice, ultra-high performance AMD MINI Pocket PC, the new product will be officially launched on Chuwi's official website on September 7, and a global crowdfunding presale event will begin.The first batch will be shipped in October.

RZBOX: An ultra-high performance MINI PC that brings together the wisdom of gamers around the world

In early August 2021, Chuwi's official website launched the DIY global voting for new MINI PC products, inviting players from all over the world to jointly create the best choice of new high-performance MINI PC products. Now, building an ideal MINI PC become reality. After more than 1 month’s of voting, more than 10,000 valid data have been collected,the new RZBOX Mini PC uses the players preferred all-metal material and is equipped with the most popular AMD Ryzen 9 4900H super standard pressure processor. It has now been successfully developed, and the prototype has successfully passed the R&D test and went into presale.

RZBOX is designed and developed completely in accordance with the user's thinking and gathers the wisdom of PC enthusiasts all over the world. It is an ideal MINI PC that running faster and smooth, brings you a good use experience. At the same time, we will also determine the final price based on the user's price budget vote, so it redefine higher cost performance, and become an affordable choice for Mini PC lovers around the world.The initial price of the product is estimated to be under $500.

RZBOX: Ryzen 9 4900H super processor, elegant MINI all metal body

Chuwi's official website officially announced the appearance of RZBOX's technologically sensitive fuselage and super-performance configuration. It can be said that this product is excellent from the inside out. The new RZBOX adopts an all-metal body design, with only a 7.4 * 7 inch miniature body and a small volume of 2 liters in total. It can easily be loaded into a pocket backpack and work anytime, anywhere.

RZBOX comes with forging sandblasting process technology, adopt high-efficient heat dissipation technology,which make it durable. And from the user's DIY upgrade point of view, rivet-free creative structure is adopted, and the RAM and solid state hard drive can be disassembled and replaced by hand.

RZBOX is equipped with the most popular AMD Ryzen 9 4900H super pressure processor. It has 8 cores and 16 threads, turbo frequency of 4.4 GHz, and integrated Radeon Vega 8 core display. Its performance benchmark test ranks in the top 10% in the world in terms of computer CPU performance. This mini PC top version was equipped with DDR4 high frequency memory up to 16GB + 512GB NVMe SSD configuration specification, and on this basis, It can be DIY upgraded up to 32GB of RAM and up to 5T of SSD storage expansion. Not only that, It is also with the latest 6 Gigabit WIFI wireless network card to popularize the high-end configuration and ultra-high performance in 2021 in global market. RZBOX is easily suitable for various application scenarios such as home gaming and commercial use.Take the mini pc to your work place, make a splash in the conference room,or make it your mobile entertainment buddy.

RZBOX: The official site is open for crowdfunding and pre-sale, the Giveaway activities of 10 RZBOX gifts begin

Chuwi RZBOX was launched on our official website on September 7 , kicking off the crowdfunding presale. There are three versions to choose: bare metal DIY version without RAM and SSD, 8G RAM + 256G SSD version, 16G RAM + 512G SSD. The product accepts orders around the world, and customers will enjoy exclusive early bird discounts as well as gift combos . To thank players from around the world for voting and participating in the interaction, Chuwi will launch a global presale event with a total of 10 free RZBOXs givaway. Global users visit Chuwi's official website, subscribe to email via inbox, follow the instructions to complete the Giveaway task, and then have the opportunity to win a new Chuwi RZBOX MINI PC for free. The crowdfunding presale event on the official RZBOX website will last from Sep.7 to Oct.12. After the event, the products will be shipped subsequently as the event ends. PC builders looking for high-performing MINI PCs also shouldn't miss the opportunity to get RZBOX at such super low price.

For more information about RZBOX crowdfunding and pre-sales activities, visit the official Chuwi website.