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Chuwi GemiBook Xpro Review-Alder Lake-N N100 Notebook bench Test

2023-03-07 by CHUWI

Chuwi Gemibook Xpro Review-Alder Lake-N N100 Notebook bench test

We are also concerned about the product trend of the thin and light market to find products equipped with this series of processors. Chuwi Technology has launched a new GemBook XPro paired with the new face "Intel N100". Let's look at the product's advantages, disadvantages, and actual experience.

Configuration and specifications

Screen: 14.1 inch 1080p 60Hz FHD IPS screen

Processor: Intel N100 4 cores 4 threads ,frequency can reach up to 3.4GHz TDP to 12W

(Belong to Intel Alder Lake-N product line)

Memory: LPDDR5 4800MHz

Storage: 256G SSD

Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 24EU

Wireless network card: Intel WiFi6 802.11ax

Interface: Type-C 3.0, 1 x Audio Jack,1 x HDMI, 1 x USB3.0,Lock slot

Weight: 1.46kg (body contains 38WH batteries).


The core hardware specifications are high, and the performance is well-released;

Equipped with Intel UHD, you can output up to [email protected] video;

Excellent battery life, the actual cycle of the video playback can be as long as 3.5h, and The standby time exceeds 13h.

The interface is rich in scalability;

Metal A, C side, good texture;

With the popularity of WiFi6 equipment today, a network card with the protocol is WiFi6 802.11ax.


The keyboard has no backlight design;

In addition, in terms of ease of use, Gemibook XPro has a groove to facilitate users to open the lid with one hand.

As mentioned above, regarding fuselage design, there are two advantages in the Gemibook XPro to perform well -supporting 180 ° opening and closing can apply to multiple scenarios. The whole machine performs excellently in terms of weight. This product can be among the fierce and thin market and has won good user attention.

Release of processor performance

At a room temperature of about 25 ° C, in the performance mode (the mode is divided into the best performance/balance/best energy efficiency), the AIDA 64 baking machine test lasts for 40 minutes. The Intel N100 designed based on the Gracemont architecture is stable at 11W power consumption (PL1 power consumption (PL1 The power consumption is 18W, the PL2 power consumption is 28W), the core frequency is 1.1GHz, the temperature is 72 ° C, and the temperature performance is excellent for a light and light copy of a 14 -inch passive heat dissipation structure. The energy consumption ratio may not be able to meet the needs for some entertainment players, but it is enough to meet most office, online courses, education, and other customer groups;

Let's take a look at the software running.

CineBench R23 test, the Intel N100 multi-core scores equipped with Gemibook xPro are 1570PTS and single-core 742PTS. As a reference, the previous generation of Jasper Lake Celeron N5105 multi-core score is 1413PTS, single-core 618PTS. Due to the architecture change, the 12th generation Intel N100 leads about 12% ahead of the previous generation under lower power consumption.

Let's take a look at the 3DMark 11 test of office performance. This is a test that simulates multiple daily applications. The load is low. The total score of GemiBook XPro is P1185.  The UHD graphics card is the perfect choice for those who prioritize video decoding capabilities. While it may not be suited for high-performance games, it can easily handle online games without any issues. Additionally, with its ability to smoothly play 8K videos, the UHD graphics card is a top contender for those who desire an immersive visual experience.

The Geekbench 5 test results for Alder Lake-N N100 and Celeron N5105 are as follows:

- Alder Lake-N N100:

- Single-core score: 984

- Multi-core score: 2523

- Celeron N5105:

- Single-core score: 533

- Multi-core score: 1567

Comparing the two processors, it is evident that the Alder Lake-N N100 outperforms the Celeron N5105 in both single-core and multi-core scores by a significant margin. The Alder Lake-N N100 has a single-core score of 984, which is almost double that of the Celeron N5105's single-core score of 533. Similarly, the Alder Lake-N N100 has a multi-core score of 2523, which is almost 1000 points higher than the Celeron N5105's multi-core score of 1567.

Overall, the Alder Lake-N N100 is a much more powerful processor than the Celeron N5105 and is better suited for tasks that require high processing power, such as working, video editing, and running multiple applications simultaneously.

Summary of the processor performance: In terms of testing, the N100 equipped with Chuwi Gemibook XPro considers the performance and temperature while using passive heat dissipation used, and the whole machine's noise has also been performed very well. It can be easily handled in the office applications and multimedia entertainment. Of course, the performance needs to be more radical because of the structure of passive heat dissipation. If it can be adjusted to active heat dissipation for performance optimization, compared with the previous generation N5105, it has increased by about 40%.

Conclusion: The most cost-effective new generation is thin.

At the end of the evaluation, we summarized the product characteristics of Gemibook XPro.

The core hardware uses the new generation of Alder Lake-N processor, and the three-piece sets of Microsoft OFFICE Software is sufficient for daily use.

It can be carried out by 180 ° to meet the needs of web lessons and video conferences;

The advantages of market price, especially the battery life, can be played by 10h, and the standby time exceeds 13h;

Generally speaking, Chuwi GemiBook XPro can well meet the daily office scenes and meeting needs in use. By the way, the repair map is also OK.

If you want more information, please keep an eye on Chuwi's official website.