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Chuwi CoreBook X 2023: New model released with Intel Core i3-1215U

2023-04-20 by CHUWI

Chuwi CoreBook X 2023: New model released with Intel Core i3-1215U, LPDDR5 RAM and high resolution 3:2 display for under US$400


Chuwi has started selling a new version of the CoreBook X, which it last refreshed in early 2022. To recap, the CoreBook X 2022 relied on the Core i3-10110U, which Chuwi has now replaced with the Core i3-1215U. According to our database, the Core i3-1215U should deliver 2.1x the performance of the outgoing Core i3-10110U while maintaining a 15 W TDP.

For reference, the Core i3-1215U has 2 P cores, 4 E cores and 8 threads.


Additionally, the Alder Lake-U series processor can boost its P cores to 4.4 GHz when needed and has a UHD Graphics iGPU with 64 Execution Units. The Core i3-1215U is also one of Intel's many 10 nm processors. In other words, it should run more efficiently than the 14 nm-based Core i3-10110U. Moreover, the processor switch allows Chuwi to equip the new CoreBook X with faster LPDDR5 RAM, compared to the LPDDR4-2666 RAM offered in the CoreBook X 2022.


The CoreBook X remains unchanged in other areas though, with the 2023 model retaining a 14-inch IPS display that outputs at 2,160 x 1,440 pixels with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Moreover, the laptop has a 46.2Wh battery that is rated for 8 hours of usage and several ports, as shown below. At the time of writing, Chuwi charges US$399 for the latest CoreBook X with 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Alternatively, the laptop is available with the same storage but 16 GB of RAM for US$499.


Please see Chuwi's official store for more details.