CoreBox Pro

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CoreBox Pro

CoreBox Pro

Powerful mini workstation

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CoreBox Pro

Miniature body to go anywhere

CoreBox Pro is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy and polycarbonate. The footprint is 6 x 6 inches and a volume of just 67oz., making it 20% smaller and lighter than traditional servers. It fits anywhere in the office and at home and is small enough to put in a bag and take on the go.

2L Volume
6*6 inches
CoreBox Pro

The latest 10th Core processor

CoreBox Pro comes with a I3-1005g1 dual-core processor with four threads and core frequency of 3.4GHz, providing abundant power for office work and home entertainment.

10th Core i3
10nm Craft
CoreBox Pro

Muscular graphic processing, 4K video output

Built-in UHD core graphics provide stunning graphical power in 4K ultra-hard HD video. Experience shocking visuals and efficient performance through HDMI and display ports.

UHD Graphics
4K Hard Decoding
Output to three 4K monitors
CoreBox Pro

High speed processing
and massive storage capacity

With 12GB and 256GB NVMe SSD storage, CoreBox Pro opens applications instantly while supporting 2.5 inch HDD hard disk capacity expansion, and has an additional 2TB capacity to meet the storage requirements of massive file materials, media files, and video games.

HDD Storage
CoreBox Pro

The strongest interface ever

Intel’s Thunderbolt supports an all-in-one hardware interface for data, 4K video, and power transmission up to 40GB/s, while simultaneously supporting [email protected] video for two monitors. The Corebox Pro is also capable of connecting to an external graphics dock with an eGPU conversion workstation.

data transmission
[email protected]
Video output
Performance extension
CoreBox Pro

WiFi 6 wireless model
goes beyond gigabit wired connections

Intel AX200 wireless module supports WiFi6 high-speed wireless network, with the highest transmission speed up to 2400Mbps, beyond the wired gigabit broadband connection. In addition, it supports Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless headset, keyboard and mouse connection and other devices.

AX200 Wireless model
Wi-Fi6 2400Mbps
Bluetooth 5.1
CoreBox Pro

Dual RJ45 interface to meet all needs

CoreBox Pro is equipped with dual RJ45 gigabit network ports for soft routing, home NAS, and other practical purposes. HDMI and DP interfaces support 4K ultra HD picture quality along with headphones, microphones, and devices meeting other needs.

CoreBox Pro

Multi-operating systems for multi-tasking

Pre-installed Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Office Suite hosts a vast ecology of games as well as video and audio resources. CoreBook’s support for Linux also provides a convenient platform for software development, server construction, and programming languages.