Over View Specifications

Portable As It Should Be

Take the HeroBox to your work place, make a splash in the conference room, or make it your mobile
entertainment buddy. Why ? Because it won't take up tons of desk space and you can simply just
slip it into your pocket and travel with it all the time.

Designer inspiration from Transformers

Unibody stamping,micro-level CNC cutting,aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation treatment,stereoscopic
visual design,fine lines,all is for creating a strong mechanical texture of HeroBox;
7.4*5.4*1.5 inches compact body, only 0.97L, 90% lighter than old PCs.

A Processor for Industrial-grade Task

Intel Gemini lake N4100 processor with quad core four threaded and 2.4Ghz turbo boost is more responsive when
loading apps, opening files. 14nm process and 6W TDP design ensure it works well with
NAS, HTPC and small servers with relatively low power consumption.

Smoothly 4K Decoding

Intel UHD Graphics 600 comes with 18 execution units clock up to 700Mhz, which is twice faster than its previous
generation. It can comprehensively decode 4K videos and edit pictures with finest quality image.

Fast Speed! Intel 180GB SSD
Quick Response! 8GB LPDDR4

We equip HeroBox with Intel 180G SSD and 2.5 inch HDD can fully cover your storage needs.
8GB LPDDR4 memory improves 50% transmission frequency.which enables
snappy and seamless switch between different tasks.

SSD read and write speed is 3
times that of traditional hard disk
DDR4 memory read and write speed is 50%
higher than DDR3 memory
Memory energy sayings up to 40%





Instant Access to the Web

Dual-band wifi supports 2.4G/5G frequency band, operating on the newer LEEE802.11ac standard.
5G delivers ultimate fast internet speed,while 2.4G goes for more stable connection.Furthermore,
RJ45 Ethernet can transfer data at more than a thousand million bits per second .

More Ports, More Fun

The ability to connect with 2 monitors with HD2.0 & VGA out greatly improves work efficiency;
Featured with faster speed Type-C slot, 2*USB 3.0, 2*USB 2.0 can guarantee your everyday life
needs and explores more possibilities.

Authorized Windows 10 OS

Authorized Win10 system was pre-installed on HeroBox, and it tackles down all kinds of tasks with high efficiency.
Linux system is also supported to handle more applications use at ease.

Place Anywhere As You Wish

Install the HeroBox on the back of the monitor or TV via VESA international standard interface
to make it an All-In-One PC.

It Is A Power Saver

The HeroBox is intended to be energy-efficient straight out of the box. It packs with energy-efficient hardware
components that work closely with the operating system to maintain the overall
power consumption lower than 10 watts .

Scientific Design, Effective Heat Dissipation

Thermal conductive aluminum alloy are used on HeroBox to guarantee continuous effective cooling
in all directions.The power-saving HeroBox stays efficient and stable even after long
period of work. Continuous 4-hour in use, it stays 34℃

Has To Undergo A Rigorous Tests