Overview Specifications

Full lamination technology, Holds glass closely

CHUWI HiBook Pro adopts OGS (One Glass Solution) full lamination technology for the first time. The LCD screen and touch screen are close to a zero gap. Compared to the typical lamination technology, this reduces the air refraction between TP and glass significantly, making the picture brighter and more vivid. by reducing the internal layers between TP and glass, it lays the foundation for the lightness and thinness of HiBook Pro, which makes it possible to take the tablet by a single hand.

Delicate and clear,
say "no" to visible pixels

HiBook Pro not only comes with a 10.1 inch screen but also has the resolution
of 2560x1600. The image of ratio 16: 10 resembles that of wide screen movies
(no black bars).2K video comes from our 298 PPI density. you will find even
the finest of details are made visable with HD+.

Solid and slim, industrial but aesthetic

Who said that the industrial product cannot pursue aesthetics too? HiBook Pro has an aluminum metal body with dual-track
CNC cutting and engraving, tough and sleek. Each bezel is smooth, delicate and outstanding The gradient bezel
design is perfect for hand held use. the fine sanding on the surface of the metal gives a smooth feel.
While most surprisingly its only 550g and extreme thin at just 8.5mm.

Speed is the basis of our passion

When you use HiBook Pro to play games, you will be surprised at its processing power. The high performance of Intel cherry trail processor and the 8th generation HD Graphics of HiBook Pro lets you play the game with little lag, and vivid quality.

The capacity concern has gone with the wind

HiBook Pro comes with 4GB of DDR3L RAM/64GB eMMC ROM. reading and writing speeds up to 150 m/ss.
With expandable storage, It can meet your media needs for movies, games, music, pictures, as well as apps and documents.

Introducing USB-C

Finally an end to the age old problem "what side of the USB is the right side" with USB-C every side
is the right side. HiBook Pro charges fully in just 3 hours, thanks to USB 3.1 fast charging,
and now supports data speeds of 10GBPS.

Not only a tablet

HiBook Pro's Tablet mode not enough to make you satisfy? our keyboard dock brings back that familiar laptop structure required for productivity. The Hibook can also be inserted regardless of side, providing different positions for comfort and use. or connect via Bluetooth for wireless support even the Xbox One controller.