LapBook Air

Overview Specifications

Non-compromise On Design,
Self-breakthrough On Thinness

We design the LapBook Air the way we do with a tablet by adopting the
light and solid aviation magnesium alloy as the fuselage material and using
expensive all CNC process.We grind every detail by cutting and carving
to make the thinness down to only 0.6cm. The belief of non-compromise
makes building the thinnest notebook with sturdy material possible.

Feel The Fine Texture and Bold Vision

Brand new anodized aluminium has made highly saturated pure color into reality. You will be pleased with
the amazing texture with just a gentle touch on the LapBook Air and a glimpse of gorgeous color on it.
Micro matte treatment is not only able to be anti-scratch, but also eliminate fingerprint residual effectively.

Pure Black Meets the Peak Full Lamination Technology

The screen on LapBook Air utilizes full lamination craftsmanship,which makes looking at
the laptop is just like looking at your transparent and beautiful mobile phone. Bezel-less
glass and seamless visual effect brings a more immersive experience. The pure black and
the stunning color when the screen is off/on, along with the strong contrast will win you over instantly.

Dim Light Logo,
Smooth and Quiet

Balanced Brightness Eye-friendly

Like A Lighthouse In The Dark

Keyboard is full-size designed with keycap and key distance in consistent with standard
keyboard to fit into habitual typing. With simple white backlight,typing at night is just like
typing at daytime. It’s soft backlight, it’s eye-friendly.

Apollo lake
Intel New Low Power Consumption Processor

Intel's new generation of Apollo quad-core processor, 64-bit quad-core four threads, has 50% improvement on
performance compared to its predecessor. With the new Glodmont architecture, 14 nanometer process,
and clocking at up to 2.2Ghz, it performances faster and runs at a more responsive speed.

9th HD Graphics

HD Graphics 500 with 12-core EU executive unit and utmost 700Mhz work
efficiency can handle the mainstream PC games without hiccups.

8GB Dual Channel
Internal Storage

8GB Dual Channel Fast Speed Internal Storage with
bandwidth up to 128bit can start the apps, run the games
and load the web pages faster than ever.

128GB Memory Storage

128GB super large memory storage can store piles of files,videos and business workload.

Larger,Faster SSD--Non-Compromise on Speed

M.2 SSD support on LapBook Air is available. The read/write speed is faster, more files storage
and more apps installation is possible. In addition to that, it can process multitaskings effortlessly based on that.

2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi

LapBook Air takes full advantage of the 802.11ac wireless transmit protocol to self-adapt the worldwide bands.
And with peak transmission speed of 433Mb/s under 5G band , you can surf the internet like you’ve never have before.

A Large Battery That Actually Lasts

33.7Wh high-density lithium polymer battery can last through 8 hours.
Watching videos, playing games and working will never be a problem.

Windows10 Redstone
convenient and effective

Efficient,Smart and Individual OS

Multiple Ports To Meet Your Needs


More Features

Gesture Operation


Dual Mic

With dual microphone noise reduction technology , one is used to collect human voice,
while the other one has a background noise collection feature to facilitate the
collection of ambient noise. Hence less noise, more clear voice, much better video call quality;

Stereo speakers

Ultra-high-power professional speaker unit X2,with professional-grade
sound card tuning, to achieve stereoscopic surround sound.

2MP HD webcam


Each CHUWI notebook
has to undergo a rigorous test