Overview Specifications

Better than windows?

Remix OS 2.0 combines features both windows and android.
featuring a Windows like desktop (start menu, multi-windows, and familiar UI)

The whole Google Play app market

Remix OS 2.0 can use Microsoft office, as well as all applications of the Android marketplace.
you can find all the apps you know and love for work, or play.

Slim for any bag, flexible for your life

The third Generation Docking system means that the Vi10 Plus has the option to connect the shaft keyboard or soft keyboard to become a 2-in-1 tablet. 1.2mm spacing in the keys is the perfect comfort distance as you type. while the Hipen stylus allows you to write and create freely. Because technology should make life easier.

Vi10 plus with full body metal

Vi10plus with a all metal body shell brings that element of class to your device.
After a careful revision, our team used double track CNC technology
so your device well withstand the hardest parts of your day.

Exquisite performance, fabulous style

Vi10 Plus is embedded with a 10.8 inche Surface screen in the all-metal unibody,
giving you that reassuring metallic feel you trust. Each bezel glitters from our
CNC process carving process. The big screen resolution is 1920x1280,
to make every image more crisp and vivid.

It is the stepping stone to make your work efficient and easy

with 64-bit quad-core X5 and the 8th generation Intel HD Graphics with 2w low-power demand. with up to 1.84GHz speed,
Saving much more time for each operation to make Vi10 Plus more durable, energy efficient, and capable.

Speed and Preformance you need

2GB DRR3L RAM and 32GB eMMC ROM. not your average device, the Vi10 plus out performs the common tablet.
while power consumption is reduced by 20%, so your device lasts all day, like it should.

Skillful and fast. enter the USB-C

the type-c port which uses a 3A fast charge technology gets you and your device up and moving quickly, with only five hours to full. fill up energy, USB-C also saves time with 10GBps data speed, and with USB-c every side is the right side.

8400mAh battery makes this tablet more useful

Are you always afraid because of the dreaded dead battery? the 8400mah battery built-in
the vi10 plus well gives you the confidence of a long day, even if under the deep demand
the battery can still last for 4-6 hours to watch videos, listen to music and browse the web.

Your media center

Vi10 Plus can give you a private cinema experience with mini HDMI or wireless, the Vi10 connects to any display.

All day batterie

4-6 hours, and fast charging USB-C.


2MP front camera and 2MP rear camera with 84 ° wide angle lense.


Fidelity sound by designing independent dual cavity and AAC stereo loud speaker. for your personal listening experience.