Vi8 Plus Tablet

Overview Specifications

Intel Cherry Trail Processor
Stepping in the Era of 14 nm

CHUWI Vi8 Plus adopts Intel new-generation CPU, Intel X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 CPU, 64 bits

and quad core with 1.84 GHz, stepping into the era of 14nm. Comparing with the 22 nm for the

last generation processor, it enhances the performance up to 50% and reduces the power

dissipation up to 20%.

The Performance of GPU is Enhanced
Smooth Game Experience

Intel HD Graphics the eighth generation graphics has 12 EU cores with 500MHz and supports

Directx12, Open GL 3.2 and HLML5 hardware acceleration. The performance of image has

been enhanced

Use the Storage Space as
You Like due to Big Memory

DDR3L makes the working voltage lower 15% than other tablets without the technique. 32G

eMMC ROM, enhancing the performance of the tablet.

Type-C makes data transmission
more quickly

CHUWI Vi8 Plus is equipped with Bidirectional Type-C USB Port that is three times more

expensive than general USB ports. It can be plugged in regardless of positive or negative

side. It can be plugged in in dim light, which solves the problems of plugging it precisely.

Legitimate Windows Operating System
brings you marvelous experience

Legitimate Windows operating system software is pre-installed so that it can not only achieve

the mobile office, but also can support EXE like PC, Edge Browser. It also has data synchronism,

intelligent sound, variable games and apps in Microsoft Store, conveniently working and happily


8 inch IPS Display
The image is colorful and clear

High color saturation display. The whole saturation is developed to 27%. The color is more vividly.

IPS display makes the image more bright and smooth.

200 MP camera broaden your horizon

Equipped with 2MP camera COMS, it can take more clear and good-quality photos.

It is convenient to be connected

HDMI Output+WiDi + Supporting OTG

CHUWI Vi8 Plus configures the Micro HDMI and WiDi output, which can transmit the images in

the tablet in TV, projector and other devices to build your personal cinema. Vi8 Plus can support

Bluetooth 4.0 and OTG to connect your mouse and keyboard, U disk, game controller