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HeroBox Pro

Overview Specifications
HeroBox Pro

HeroBox Pro

Works Smarter,Plays Harder

HeroBox Pro
HeroBox Pro

Portable As It Should Be

Take the HeroBox Pro to your work place, make a splash in the conference room, or make it your mobile entertainment buddy. Why ? Because it won't take up tons of desk space and you can simply just slip it into your pocket and travel with it all the time.

HeroBox Pro

See Transformer In HeroBox Pro

Unibody stamping,micro-level CNC cutting,aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation treatment, stereoscopic visual design,fine lines,all is for creating a strong mechanical texture of HeroBox Pro;7.4*5.4*1.5 inches compact body, only 0.97L, 90% lighter than old PCs.


metal cutting

Compact body


HeroBox Pro

Go Faster,New JasPer Lake N4500 Processor

2021 new launch for intel jasper lakeN4500,High-performance processor is more responsive when loading apps, opening files. 10nm process and 6W TDP design ensure it works well with NAS, HTPC and small servers with relatively low power consumption.

Inte Jasper Lake



Two threads

Turbo Boost


HeroBox Pro

Smoothly 4K Decoding

Intel 11th UHD Graphics comes with 16 execution units clock up to 750Mhz, which is twice faster than its previousgeneration. It can comprehensively decode 4K videos and edit pictures with finest quality image.




Boost Clock

4K VP9 10bit


HeroBox Pro

Fast Speed! Intel 256GB SSD
Quick Response! 8GB LPDDR4

We equip HeroBox Pro with 256GB SSD and 2.5 inch HDD can fully cover your storage needs. 8GB LPDDR4 memory improves 50% transmission frequency.which enables snappy and seamless switch between different tasks.

HeroBox Pro

Instant Access to the Web

Dual-band wifi supports 2.4G/5G frequency band, operating on the newer LEEE802.11ac standard. 5G delivers ultimate fast internet speed,while 2.4G goes for more stable onnection.Furthermore, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet can transfer data at more than a thousand million bits per second.


Dual band ac



HeroBox Pro

More Ports, More Fun

The ability to connect with 2 monitors with HD2.0 & VGA out greatly improves work efficiency; Featured with faster speed Type-C slot, 2*USB 3.0, 2*USB 2.0 can guarantee your everyday life needs and explores more possibilities.





HeroBox Pro

Place Anywhere As You Wish

Install the HeroBox Pro on the back of the monitor or TV via VESA international standard interface to make it an All-In-One PC.

HeroBox Pro

Scientific Design, Effective Heat Dissipation

Comes with a wider air intake areaand large diameter fan which brings excellent cooling to the whole machine.The power-saving HeroBox Pro stays efficient and stable even after long period of work. Continuous 4-hour in use, it stays 34℃