Overview Specifications

All metal design with excellent workmanship

The keyboard is made of 100% metal, CNC technology in each side make it bright feel. Besides, the rubber
pads under/on keyboard supply protection for screen and keyboard.

Rotation integration design

Separable rotation design, make the tablet and dock connected easily in 0-120 degree angle.
Help you double speed to input and typing.

Magnetism docking improves the strong and solid

Multi-group high-strength magnet adsorption, support tablet positive and negative
plug, make the tablet-keyboard connection more solid and stable.

High touch feel chocolate keyboard

Chocolate touch keyboard, long key process design, good rebound, more
accurate, more comfortable.

Extension of output/input bring
more convenience

2 usb interfaces in each side of keyboard
satisfy your different needs.

Auto-sleep design for
power management

Tablet will be auto-sleep when close it, save
tablet power and extend running time. People
will love this power management.