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Warranty Policy | Chuwi

Warranty Service

You can contact us for consultations and after-sales assistance. Our products come with a 1-year warranty, which includes free repairs during this period. To avail warranty service, you would need to send the device to our service centers in Hong Kong or Spain bearing the shipping costs. Chuwi will repair the device and return it to you without any additional shipping charges. Please note that repairs after the warranty period will incur charges.

Obtaining Warranty Service:

To request a Warranty Service Order within the Limited Warranty Period (from the date of product receipt), please contact us. You must deliver the product, either in its original packaging or packaging of equal protective quality, to the address specified by CHUWI. In accordance with applicable laws, CHUWI may require proof of purchase and/or compliance with registration requirements before providing warranty service.

It is essential that you back up any data, software, or other materials stored on the product before sending it for service. During the repair process, there is a possibility of data loss or reformatting, and CHUWI cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of such data, software, or materials.